BookPeople’s Top 7 List

Thanks to everyone for being such great customers and supporters of BookPeople of Moscow. Our first year has been going great thanks to all of you; please know that we don’t take you for granted. We look forward to each and every person who comes through the door and we are really loving getting to know everyone.

We’ll call this the BookPeople Top 7 List this time since I can’t think of 10 things to include. Too much election night loss of sleep I guess!

7. We believe our community is only as strong as our investment in it. Help keep Moscow fabulous! Please look first to unique, locally-owned businesses (like ours!) and non-profits for all your holiday gift needs.

6. BookPeople will kick off our “Thanks for shopping indie” campaign on Friday, November 23rd (the day after Thanksgiving). The store will open early at 8 am and be open until 8 pm (our usual closing time on Fridays.) The campaign features some great book choices – some might already be on your wish list!

5. Our holiday book catalog is now available to help inspire gift ideas for family and friends – pick one up the next time you’re in the store. Our goal is to have every book in the catalog available in the store throughout the holiday season.

4. Our website is getting closer to launching and we look forward to everything that comes with having a good website: the ability for our customers to order almost any book from us online and either have it shipped or pick it up in the store, the ability to purchase ebooks from us, an easy to use online calendar showing all the upcoming store readings and events, and more. When our website is live we’ll send you the link so you can check it out for yourselves!

And, along with selling ebooks, we’ll have Kobo ereaders available for sale very shortly – the great indie alternative to other, more proprietary ereaders like the Kindle. Kobo’s motto: Read Freely. Our sentiments exactly.

3. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, BookPeople will sponsor a “giving tree” in conjunction with “Christmas for Kids.” On the tree will be tags with the ages and genders of children who would love to receive books for Christmas but whose families can’t afford it. We encourage everyone to purchase a book to put under the giving tree; we will wrap them and be sure they get to the children on time. It can be a meaningful family project to choose books for the giving tree together. And, a huge thank you to the girl scout troop under the leadership of Amy Ball who decorated over a hundred lovely, glittery tags for the giving tree.

2. Did you know? Proceeds from our used book sales go into the new BookPeople Community Fund, a source of money to assist teachers in getting books for their classrooms, to support local arts, to fund literary events, and to foster literacy. Please consider donating your used books to BookPeople, and help the Community Fund grow! The used books, by the way, are in the back of the store, just past the children’s area.

1. Last but not least, you deserve a break. We want to make your holidays easier. So, on certain days, besides our usual super staff, we will have the benefit of incredibly knowledgeable children’s librarians and teachers volunteering in the store to help you find just the right books. We gift wrap for free (as always), and will also package and ship your gifts to their recipients, so you don’t have to! Let us stand in the post office line on your behalf – we’ll only charge you for the actual cost of the postage.

2 comments on “BookPeople’s Top 7 List

  1. Hi, Carol! My first visit to Book people of Moscow! How do I look at the website? XOXO!
    Your sister 🙂 Lynn

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