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Now you can contact us via email too!

A couple more weeks

We’re getting lots of inquiries now about when we’re opening. It must be because the front is all painted and the new bamboo floor is in. We feel your anticipation and are working as fast as we can!! We don’t have an exact date but it will be within a couple of weeks. There are […]

New phone number: (208) 882-BOOX

That’s 208 882 2669 We haven’t recorded a message yet but there is a computer man voice that will be happy to take your call, if we’re not in. Once I read the directions on how to record our own message, I’ll get that done. Probably not today. Too much snow to shovel.

Another perspective

Promised photo

Visible progress

An ironic title for this post since I won’t have any photos to post until tomorrow… but if you’ve walked by the store and peeked through the window you can see what has been happening. Rufus and Seneca painted the main part of the store and the ceiling in the back. We think it looks […]

At the end of a very busy week

I’ll see if I can figure out how to post multiple photos in one post here on WordPress. You can also see them at                    

New York Times prepaid subscriptions through Bookpeople

Read all about it! At long last we are pleased to announce that you can purchase the New York Times through Bookpeople of Moscow, prepaying for six months at a time. Subscriptions begin now and expire June 30. You can sign up for six days/week, 7 days/week, or choose just one particular day, such as […]


Getting ready to paint

I just have to say that although I know we need snow for skiing and groundwater and moisture for the crops, the lack of it and the mild temperatures have made our first week in the store so much easier, as we’ve made trips to the dump, given away a little bit of shelving that […]