Want to have a workshop, meeting, or signing at BookPeople of Moscow?

EVENT HOSTING INFORMATION 2012 Thank you for considering BookPeople of Moscow bookstore as a place to host your event. We support authors and speakers and take pride in their success. Because event space in the community is in high demand, we must request proposals for our meeting room use. In addition to our special events, […]

A couple more weeks

We’re getting lots of inquiries now about when we’re opening. It must be because the front is all painted and the new bamboo floor is in. We feel your anticipation and are working as fast as we can!! We don’t have an exact date but it will be within a couple of weeks. There are […]

Will you still carry the New York Times?

Yes! We have made arrangements with the New York Times to continue selling it at Bookpeople, and we’ve even made sure the service will be uninterrupted: as soon as Bookpeople closes for renovations beginning Dec. 29th, the New York Times will be temporarily relocated to One World Cafe’, just a few doors down. You can […]

What about book clubs?

Oh, gosh, do we love book clubs. If you’re in a book club please get in touch with Carol as soon as you can. We plan on offering a special discount for book club reading selections ordered through us, making our cozy meeting area in the back available to you for your meetings if you […]

Will you have used or new books or both?

We will have both used and new books but we will concentrate mostly on new books. There are a couple reasons for this. We want to be able to offer the excellent values that you can find with used books, but while there are a couple very well-established used book stores in the area, there […]

What we are aspiring to be …

No matter what you have heard, we will remain a full-fledged independent bookstore.  We will focus on many of the same things as Bookpeople has in the past (like local and regional authors, native American studies, books on the Inland Northwest, and travel books), but we will put a new emphasis on a number of […]