Within a week

We are definitely closing in on a opening day, hopefully by the end of next week.  Let me tell you what’s been happening. Isaak Julye, handyman extraordinaire, is working on the trim and everything else we throw at him. I have a feeling he’s going to be installing the bamboo floor in the children’s room too. Seneca is painting some old shelves. Cece Conners painted some old shelves. Carpetmill installed the new carpet in the back and the new tile inside the front door. Walt is doing trim and assembling the gorgeous shelves that Isaac Wright made for us and putting them into place. Richard Yutzy has been doing all kinds of hauling of chairs and will be doing our final construction dusting (gotta get the tile and bamboo flooring dust off the lights and ductwork). Rufus finished painting the children’s room and the back and is painting the bathroom. McCoy Plumbing will be replacing the old sink with a used one that doesn’t look quite as old as the old one. Bill Bonner built a lovely counter for our office and is building our prototype service counter, a very rough version of it to see if we’ve got the heights and depths right for all the work surfaces, what we’re calling the “beta counter.” Jeff’s Electric is coming to put lights in the back so we’ll be able to see pretty soon if Rufus did a good job painting back there or not. 🙂 Who am I forgetting? Oh, the actual staff!!

Jesica has been ordering children’s books, parenting books, cookbooks, toys, games, puzzles, cards, journals, and art supplies. She also helped us pick out the Ultimate Sack beanbags that we can hardly wait to get out of their boxes (we’re not opening them until the dust is gone.) She has been setting up accounts with publishers that we want to deal with directly such as Penguin and Chronicle, and making wonderful connections with small presses such as Purple House.

Dominic and Jonah have been ordering books for their favorite sections, hauling stuff back and forth in the store and up and down the stairs, dustmopping, scrubbing, and proving themselves to be dedicated and hardworking guys. And they’re smart too!

I’ve been making sure all these guys working in the store don’t run into each other or spill paint or coffee anywhere. I’ve also been ordering books. And ordering books. And did I mention, I’ve been ordering books?


4 comments on “Within a week

  1. Woohoo! I’m excited for a bookstore 3 blocks from my house!

  2. Update?

    • We’ll be able to let people shop beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd. The children’s area in the back won’t be quite done but the front will have books on the shelves and we’ll have the door open!

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