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Visible progress

An ironic title for this post since I won’t have any photos to post until tomorrow… but if you’ve walked by the store and peeked through the window you can see what has been happening. Rufus and Seneca painted the main part of the store and the ceiling in the back. We think it looks great! (It only took about 10 hours of focused attention to decide on the colors, and 5 trips to the paint store for samples…)  And now thanks to Dominic and Jonah’s work today the carpet is gone to make way for engineered bamboo from Natural Abode. We’ll get to painting the walls in the back after some more prep work is done. You know it takes three times as long to prep for painting as it does to actually paint, although in our case, compared to Rufus’ and Seneca’s amazing speed, the ratio is probably more like 10 to 1.

Thanks to all our New York Times subscribers who have signed on again. We’re getting the hang of handling the NYT as a retailer, and are really enjoying reading it too! I even find myself enjoying the Business section, which is more evidence of the quality of the journalism than it is of my reading tastes.

Jesica has been working behind the scenes picking out beautiful gifts, toys, games, puzzles,  journals, blank books, and cards for the store, along with an amazing list of children’s books that we can hardly wait to get on the shelves. Once the shelves are built of course. I have been perusing the spring book catalogs that are arriving in the mail, and impatiently awaiting the computer and the whizbang Anthology software that will allow me to start ordering books for our reopening. It arrives Friday and hopefully it won’t take more than a couple of days to figure out how to use it. Technology has come a long way since I was an Ibid software expert. We’ve also been considering the fun seating for children and young adults that we hope we can afford. You may have been comfortable in a beanbag chair before, but you’ve probably never experienced the Ultimate Sac! I may have to have a rule about no staff sitting in them during work hours… but one in the break room might put us in the running as the best employer in town. 🙂




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