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New York Times prepaid subscriptions through Bookpeople

Read all about it! At long last we are pleased to announce that you can purchase the New York Times through Bookpeople of Moscow, prepaying for six months at a time. Subscriptions begin now and expire June 30. You can sign up for six days/week, 7 days/week, or choose just one particular day, such as Sunday, or a weekday or two.

To sign up you need to contact Carol at writer@plumassignment.net or call 208 669 0763 and she will let you know how you can pay. We will prepare a subscription card for you to pick up with your first paper at One World Cafe, which is handling the papers for us until we reopen. Do NOT ask One World staff for your paper and expect not to pay cash for it, if you haven’t contacted Carol first. That’s just not fair on them or us. Every time you pick up your paper at One World you will need to show your card. Once Bookpeople is open and all our staff gets to know our regular subscribers, we won’t need to see that subscription card every single time.

Below are our rates for 6 months of the New York Times. The cover price is $2.50 for weekdays, and $6 for Sundays. You can see that our subscriptions are a very significant discount off those cover prices. We will hold papers that are not picked up by subscribers for a maximum of two weeks. If you don’t pick up your paper there will be no refunds, credit, or extensions. If the paper doesn’t arrive for any reason (weather, etc.) there will be no refunds, credit, or extensions. With this good of a deal we have to keep it simple. Thanks – we look forward to bringing you all the news that’s fit to print.

$119 Sunday only

$249 Mon-Sat

$219 Mon-Fri

$349 All seven days

$49 One weekday


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