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Getting ready to paint

I just have to say that although I know we need snow for skiing and groundwater and moisture for the crops, the lack of it and the mild temperatures have made our first week in the store so much easier, as we’ve made trips to the dump, given away a little bit of shelving that we won’t be using, and carried several loads of miscellaneous to Goodwill. We’ve learned a lot – like never unplug the sump pump in the basement! – and met a bunch of wonderful people.

Dominic has to win the award for most valuable volunteer, as he has spent all day, every day this week scrubbing the walls with TSP, with nary a complaint, to prepare them for the painting that Rufus T. Firefly aka Antone Holmquist will do next week. It has been a fun time working with Jonah, Charlie Sutton, and Richard the handyman to get things cleared.

We are in the stage of making lots of decisions that will get us closer to the becoming the bookstore we envision. Paint colors, what type of point of sale/inventory management software we’ll be using, subscription prices for the New York Times, the hours we’ll be open, where the service counter will be, where our author readings and storytimes will be, where employees can sit down to eat lunch and where our children will be able to work on their homework after school, where the coffee counter will be, where parents can park their children’s strollers and hang up coats, where diapers can be changed, what other things (like jewelry, blank books, or art by local artists) we’ll have for sale besides our main focus, books… it seems like something major has to be figured out every hour of the day. But this is the joy of it, and we are having a ball.

I’ll post some more photos later today, in case you haven’t had a chance to peek in the window lately.


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