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First day

Wow, what an amazing first day, starting with the sun that was shining when Reed and rode our bikes downtown at 8 am. We got busy and then the fun began, starting with our faithful New York Times subscribers, and continuing with friends like John Pool and Jyotsna Sreenivasan who vacuumed, David Wilder of The Natural Abode who brought us flowers, Tom Lamar who grabbed a broom and swept our front sidewalk, Keely Mix who ran to buy t.p. and paper towels for the bathroom, Lisa from the Nuart and many others who stopped in to say hello and offer to help. My heart is warm and my back is tired! Oh, and a shout out to Allegra who printed out our posters for the front window lickety split this morning, with no advance notice.


One comment on “First day

  1. Ditto – thanks for all of your support, help, and the flowery reception.

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