Bookpeople has changed Owners

Hello all – at 12:01 am we took over Bookpeople of Moscow from Bob.  After we have cleaned up we will start to remodel and renovate the space to become the home of the “new and improved” Bookpeople of Moscow.  We are looking forward to reopening in early February with friendly staff, a large and up-to-date selection of books, and an orientation to service.  We are very much looking forward to seeing you in the store and are eager to hear your ideas about the direction YOU would like the bookstore to go in.  Obviously we have our own ideas, but we know that there are a lot of creative and innovative people in Moscow whose thoughts we value. So – if you are interested you can leave comments to this blog-post with ideas, suggestions, or just good advice.


13 comments on “Bookpeople has changed Owners

  1. We’re looking forward to Bookpeople still being there, albeit in a new reincarnation. Love to the old store and hope and faith for the new.

  2. Once you clean up the mess, I might start shopping in Bookpeople again. The one thing I have always hated about Bookpeople is that it is virtually impossible to find anything. Once, back in 2003 or so, I was looking for a copy of THE TIPPING POINT by Malcolm Gladwell and I thought I’d look at Bookpbople. Bob said they had 11 copies (according to the computer) but we could not find a single one in the store after searching for over a half an hour. Then I went to Hastings and their computer said that they only had 2 copies, but the clerk there was able to help me find both of them within 15 seconds. Since then, if I feel like browsing for books and tripping over piles of stuff on the floor, I go to Bookpeople. If I want a specific book, though, I go to Hastings or Amazon.com.

  3. You new owners are making a big mistake. You don’t realize how much bookpeople has meant to this community. Bob and Betsy have been an istitution in this town.
    Bookpeople has not been just a bookstore, it has been a home to people. When I’m traveling and I mention I’m from Moscow, people who have been here almost invariably smile and say “That’s where that marvelous bookstore is!”
    When you walked in the door of Bookpeople, you were greeted by name. If you’d been away for a while, Bob and Betsy asked about your trip. You met friends there and have long political discussions. Betsy called you Seetie. You felt loved.
    Bookpeople had a kind of warm and wacky magic that can never be replaced by and efficient “up to date” bookstore. Beware of disrespecting Bob and Betsy in this town. They are deeply loved and will be deeply missed.

  4. Hi Ellen, we are glad to hear from you and from all people who love Bookpeople, because we love it too, and we loved Bob and Betsy also. That is why we bought Bookpeople, so that this wonderful place that means to much to so many people can continue on, even though the ownership will be different. It was unthinkable to us that Bookpeople would end, and when it became clear that no one was stepping forward to buy it, we decided to take the risk ourselves. We mean no disrespect to anyone when we talk about the future or about our plans; we are excited about how Bookpeople can continue to be all those things that it always has been and maybe even be something new for others who haven’t yet given it a chance. I look forward to serving you and making you feel at home, and creating our own style of warm and wacky magic. Best regards, Carol

    • Carol, Thank you for your nice reply to my letter. It reassures me that Bob and Betsy will be treated with the honor and respect that they deserve. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing Bookpeople’s new makeover.

  5. I’m going to miss the mess. Digging through piles finding books you would have never “looked up”. Go to hastings george.

  6. Perhaps Steffen and Carol can create a small section in the new bookstore where us thoroughly traumatized old geezers can trip over the books, talk progressive politics and find yet another book we cannot live without:)

  7. Oh, I will miss Bob, but oh how grateful I am that Bookpeople will live on thanks to Nicole, Steffen and Carol! It certainly must be a scary time to take something like this on, and we are fortunate that amongst the many of us who wanted to find a way to save Bookpeople, Nicole and Steffen have gone out on a limb to actually make it happen. Thank you Bob and thank you Werners – let’s prove to the naysayers that we value our independent book stores and that they can survive and thrive!!

  8. I loved BP, (and Bob and Betsy) but did go in unless I had time to browse. I loved the atmosphere of the store–cozy and welcoming. The used kitschy furnishings, the coffee…a must for every bookstore in my view.
    But, that being said, when I want to find a book, I want to look on shelves, not stacks on the floor. I have yard-saling for that. 😉 You can find that unexpected treasure of a book a lot easier neatly cataloged on a shelf than 10 deep in a stack in the corner.
    My patronage has also dropped off in recent years due to the fact that I am most often buying books for my now nine year old daughter (mothers apparently need special dispensation to go book hunting for themselves. ;D) The children’s section was very limited (though I did find the occasional treasure there!) and the Young Adult section…well, if there was one, I never did find it. So that is one thing I dearly hope will be expanded on with the passing on of the torch–kids/YA sections.
    And I was always impressed with the environmental/natural resources section as well as the local authors section. I hope those areas continue to flourish.
    Wishing the new owners much luck, and many thanks and a happy retirement to both Bob and Betsy.

    • Thanks so much Karen. We appreciate your comments. The Werners, my asst. manager Jesica, and Walt and I all have children in the 5 – 12 yr. old range and therefore we plan on having a very large YA section, with bean bag chairs just for them. We look forward to being the best third place for pre-teens and young teens in town.

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