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Will you still carry the New York Times?

Yes! We have made arrangements with the New York Times to continue selling it at Bookpeople, and we’ve even made sure the service will be uninterrupted: as soon as Bookpeople closes for renovations beginning Dec. 29th, the New York Times will be temporarily relocated to One World Cafe’, just a few doors down. You can buy your copy there until further notice. We’ll post information about delivery times at both Bookpeople and OWC once we know when deliveries are likely to be made; since OWC opens early in the morning it is possible that the paper will be available earlier in the morning than 9 am. Once the store is reopened, we’ll bring the NYT back to Bookpeople for good, and determine how customers who would like to prepay for their papers for a month or several months in advance can do that.

If you have been a NYT “subscriber” through Bookpeople, please get in touch with Carol. We are not aware of any prepaid subscriptions that go beyond the end of December 2011. And with a touch of bad timing that is uncharacteristic of the NYT, they announced in November that the cover price for the weekday papers would go from $2 to $2.50 starting on Jan. 2, 2012. This price increase comes along at just the right moment to make it appear as if the new owners of Bookpeople have raised the paper’s price, but of course everybody all over the country will be affected, not just us. So we’re trying not to take this too personally and hope you won’t either.


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