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Will you have used or new books or both?

We will have both used and new books but we will concentrate mostly on new books. There are a couple reasons for this. We want to be able to offer the excellent values that you can find with used books, but while there are a couple very well-established used book stores in the area, there is no other family-oriented locally-owned independent bookstore in the area that will carry all the new books that you simply must read as soon as you hear about them, and that won’t show up in used book  stores for another six to eight months, like the new Christopher Paolini release Inheritance that my son is begging for for Christmas. Also, certain great books are hard to find used – have you tried to get all the Terry Pratchett titles used, for instance? Or a gift-quality copy of Julia’s two volume set Mastering the Art of French Cooking? We also look forward to introducing you to wonderful authors and series that are perhaps not so well known and are really only available new.

How we will obtain our used books is something we haven’t yet decided. We’ll keep you posted on this.


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