What we are aspiring to be …

No matter what you have heard, we will remain a full-fledged independent bookstore.  We will focus on many of the same things as Bookpeople has in the past (like local and regional authors, native American studies, books on the Inland Northwest, and travel books), but we will put a new emphasis on a number of sections that we think are essential for the function of the store.  We will have an expanded children’s and young adult reader section that highlights many of the classic kids’ books as well as the new series that kids love to read these days.  We will also have an updated food and cooking section that will address everyone’s needs – from basic cooking to regional cuisine and specialty diets.  Most importantly, we plan to create a community space / meeting room in the back that will be able to accommodate book clubs, discussion groups, small classes, or other social gatherings.  While we still have to figure out how this is going to be managed and scheduled, we are very excited about the possibilities that a space like that will afford.

If you have any ideas or suggestions then please let us know – you can just comment on these posts and we will make sure to read them!  While we won’t be able to accommodate everyone’s favorite ideas, it is always great to get a variety of inputs to gauge where we should go.  So comment away….


2 comments on “What we are aspiring to be …

  1. Sounds really good! All the best from Luhnstedt for your new project! Maybe some time I will be able to browse the book shelves in the shop myself… I really like the idea about the children’s section and … having a place to meet in a bookshop with a coffee shop around the corner sounds like a place where I could spend days. Best D.

  2. Really excited to hear about your plans!

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